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It was organized on February 10, 2001,

in the city of Corte Madera,

California and we have been run by the Holy Spirit.

It is our VISION to win people for Jesus Christ, in the Bay Area of San Francisco and as far as God allows us.

For this reason, we have the MISSION to go to people and make them happy with the message of Jesus Christ.

With a modern, lively and vibrant FEATURE, who loves people, believes in all spiritual gifts.

Bridge Ministry's Mission is to Glorify GOD by celebrating His presence,

communicating His message, educating His people and showing His love.

And in everything, we seek an environment of compassion, integrity and hope.

Ephesians 3: 20-21.

Man Walking in Fields

Bridge Ministry's strategy - Brazilian Church

is to take the Word of GOD to every individual residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the world,

aiming at the formation of true disciples of Jesus Christ.



1. Love GOD over all things.

2. Respect the church authorities.

3. Take care of the heritage of the House of God.

4. Honor the visitor.

5. Have a heart that is grateful to GOD.

6. Participate and support the services with joy.

7. Participate in a Small Group (PG`s).

8. Be a faithful tither.

"And he said to them," Go into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature. " Mark 16:15

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