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CampaignMedia Room

THEBridge Ministryit has been growing every day and God has blessed us with more members and visitors every service, but this has limited our physical space on the El Sobrante campus.

And in a bold idea to gain more space and structure our church's technology sector, we will move from the temple to a room on the second floor of our campus.

Give a gift to your church this Christmas!

With that, the volunteers of themediaandstreaming, will have more comfort and space to focus on carrying out their activitiesfor the Kingdom of God, we will also have arecording studiofor the new releases ofThe BridgeMusic, and we will be able to attend around 40 more people in our services🇧🇷

We want to finalize the changes in the first week of the year, and for that we count on each one of you this year end!

How about giving a gift to your church this year end?

You can collaborate with your church by praying each day, and with an act of faith contributing financially.Choose below the quota you want to participate!


Choose a monthly amount you want to collaborate!

The amount will be charged twice every 30 days, on the card you register!

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Zelle (415) 877-0127 Venmo @bridgeministry

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